"Writing is a journey to a discovery"

"Writing is a journey to a discovery"
Sidoarjo Mud
Everymorning i rise a devotion
Everyday i collect passion
Everynight i maintain yearning
To build a true love


There was a time

The Long Road


There was a time

There was a time,
when we were annoyed by the sound of wind whispering the trees
or littered by the street dust carried by the wind entering to our room
then we try to stop it by closing the doors and the windows

There was a time:
when we are in love each other and happy after,
then suddenly we have to say goodbye ...
And if u see some, life seems so unfair,

If only I miss to notice you the days of yesterday, forgive me !
And today, do you want me to ask you about your health?
Or do you want me to open the window behind you?
Because who knows, the rain had stopped, a rainbow posted
and the Swallows were painting the sky!

english version of ada masanya


Sweet Fruits

There has to be sweet fruits among the trees,
so the ants will come around
the bats will gather
and the rain will be satisfied


Will U Be ?

"Will you be the one closest to me,
though you are now located farthest away
from me? "